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A specialty place for coffee shop, restaurant, barbershop, and the work space office in the heart of Gresik. We are serve and providing the best experience in every services that we have such as Kopi House, One Kitchen, One Style barbershop, and First Office.

Kopi House, ready to serve in every early morning coffee for coffee lover. (start 8- 11)We are serving the best coffee from our the best Barista such an amazing espresso, cappuccino, latte and other varieties of coffee beverage.

In addition to our passion for coffee, we also have a big appetite for delicious food One KItchen! Using fresh and natural ingredients (yes, that means no MSG). We make everything from scratch to make sure that our customers get the most out of the ingredients. We provide of the best Indonesian cuisine, best western and our special menu combining between local and import ingredients from our best chef.

We also provide the best barbershop in the town “One Style” barbershop since 2013. Like used to One Style barbershop dedicates itself to provide a better grooming service for gentlemen. It isn’t just a traditional hair-do service, but also a place for gentlemen to relax, socialize, and even hang out. Experience our hospitality like you’ve never felt before; an old school barbershop atmosphere combined with a little touch of modern feel.

Last but not least, ONE PLACE not only serving best food and best hair-do things, we are also provide an alternative workspace office “First Office” and meeting room for freedom loving, and creative spirited people. It is a comfortable space to accommodate your working styles. Here, we encourage people to work, and to evolve together.